About PacePlanner.com

Hello there and thanks for your interest in PacePlanner! This hobby project has the goal to support track running coaches with their race planning. Where many track race calculators on the web are somewhat difficult and complex I've tried to make it a bit more intuitive and faster. A couple of hints below:

This icon indicates the start location of this race on the track. Particularly handy for steeplechase races.

Select one of three 'coach positions' at 100m intervals along the track to see an additional table with splits at that point. Splits are displayed for total time (second column) and for the time that has lapsed since last finish line passing (in the third column).

For proper calculation of steeplechase races either an inside or outside water jump can be selected. We're using the 'standard' track distances of 396m and 419m to calculate splits for steeplechase races.

Under 'Advanced' there's an option to include two modifiers to the split calculations:

  1. Pace decrease is a small slow-down per lap to accommodate for a gradual decrease of pace over a longer distance. When a negative number is entered it corresponds to a gradual speed-up of pace over the race (negative splits). The number is entered in decimals.
  2. Start bonus is the 'bonus time gain' as result of overspeeding right after the start of a race. This number (in seconds) is subtracted from the first interval to the finish line - or from the first full lap in case of the start line being on the finish line.

If you have any suggestions or feedback don't hesitate to drop me a note: cees@paceplanner.com

Happy planning!

Cees van Dok | Strava | RaceClocker.com